Move Over for Safety’s Sake

Most drivers know that when they see emergency lights come on it is the law to move over and get out of the way. The reason they need to move out of the way is so the emergency vehicles can get where they need in a hurry. But what about if you see a broken-down vehicle on the side of the road.

A lot of times you will see yellow flashing lights it's because there is a tow truck helping the broken-down motorist. Now as a driver if you see yellow flashing lights you have two rules, slow down and move over. There is a very good reason, the safety of the motorist and the tow truck driver.

All in all, safety is very important to our dealership not just for the tow truck driver and the stranded motorist, but also for you and your loved ones. Remember if you see flashing lights slow down and move over. With these tips, our team at Medina Auto Mall is confident that you’ll be able to drive safely and confidently.

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