The Chrysler Pacifica is Ready to Take on Family Activities

The Chrysler Pacifica is an innovative addition to the minivan fleet. The vehicle gets designed with families in mind. You and your loved ones may want to take a road trip. Road trips are a special time and take careful planning in order to accomplish successfully. There are many variables that come into play such as fuel, food, and safety. Entertainment is often an overlooked aspect of travel. It comes in handy when the travelers are transporting smaller children. The Chrysler Pacifica features the UConnect system that is in place to help occupants have a memorable traveling experience.

The UConnect system comes with two large interactive touchscreens. The screens get equipped with apps that provide several different activities to keep passengers occupied. There is also a Blu-ray player in place that can show movies while the vehicle is on the go.

Our team at Medina Auto Mall is ready to assist anyone in Medina, OH, who is prepared to take a look at the new Chrysler Pacifica. Stop by the facility today.

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