Why Tire Rotations Are Necessary

No matter where you're driving and what the conditions are, you probably already know that your tires need to be changed from time to time. In addition to being changed, however, your vehicle’s tires also need to be regularly rotated to ensure that they wear evenly for maximum traction. This improves both the safety of you and your passengers and longevity of your tires.

When tires do not wear evenly, this can result in traction issues, which present an obvious hazard to safe travel. A good rule of thumb is to simply have your vehicle’s tires rotated when you bring it in for its regular oil change. This provides an easy-to-follow schedule, which will ensure that your car gets the maintenance it needs on time.

At Medina Auto Mall, our skilled service team can help you determine if a tire rotation is necessary. Contact us at your convenience, and we'll schedule you an appointment to help you keep your car in shape.

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