Key Services for Your Vehicle’s Longevity

What are some of the key services to remember for your Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, or Ram? In addition to the regular oil change, you may also want to consider getting a tire rotation and balance, getting your power steering fluid checked, examining the brakes in your car, as well as checking the vehicle’s air filter. How can these services help with the longevity of your car?

By getting the tires on your vehicle rotated and balanced, this can help ensure that the tread, as well as the wear, is even. Also, by getting your power steering fluid checked and changed, this can contribute towards smooth handling while on your travels. The brakes also assist with smooth travels. When the brakes get checked (and parts replaced if needed) on the vehicle, this helps with the safety of your car and its ability to come to a stop when needed. You may be wondering why the air filter in your vehicle is a recommended service. The air filter contributes towards the cleansing of your vehicle’s engine. By having an air filter that hasn’t gotten cleaned in quite some time, this can lead to more fuel consumption.

If you need to get your Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, or Ram serviced, make an appointment with us at Medina Auto Mall located at 3205 Medina Rd.

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