Before Calling Your Dealer

When the lease of the car is about to expire, one should call the dealership to ask for the way forward and get an appointment. However, before making this call, there is a decision that one should make- what will you do after turning in the car?

It is essential to have the answer so that when you go for the appointment, you will have a plan of what to do next.

Typically, after a lease ends if you do not need the car anymore, you can simply turn in the car, pay all the charges required and walk away. Alternatively, if you want to use the car for a specific need, you can extend the lease.

At Medina Auto Mall, we allow our clients to use the vehicle for some time at an extra cost. If you want a new car, it is possible to turn in the current car and lease a better car. This gives you the freedom to experiment different types of cars. If you no longer want to lease a car but own one, you can also buy out the car. Its price is indicated on the leasing contract.

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