Is It Time for Your Vehicle to Get Brake Service?

When was the last time that you had your brakes checked? If it has been a while, then it may be a chance to get that done. Most drivers don’t understand the importance of proper brake maintenance until it is too late. Your brakes should be inspected every 12,000 miles for a vehicle that undergoes regular driving and as often as every 6,000 miles for heavier vehicles such as large trucks, or if you do a lot of stop and go driving in busy urban areas.

Your brakes are one of the most important pieces of safety equipment that your car or truck has, and maintaining excellent brake health can translate to shorter stopping distances, increased performance, better handling while driving. If it’s time for your vehicle to get a brake service come into Medina Auto Mall in Medina, OH and let our professional service team take a look and talk with you about any issues that may need to be addressed.

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