We at Medina Auto Mall are very excited to highlight the 2019 Promaster. This vehicle continues to impress when it comes to safety and build, and will allow you to work hard on the go. With incredible storage there's no reason to ever leave anything behind. You and your Promaster will leave tough jobs looking easily completed.

Safety Specs

The 2019 Promaster reaches incredible safety specs to leave you with ultimate peace of mind. Ram knows that whether you're driving this great vehicle to the grocery store, or to your carpentry shop, you should feel like you have ultimate control. That’s why the Promaster is equipped with a front airbag system, electronic stability control, and a four-wheel disc antilock brake system. It also comes standard with a backup camera to ease backing this large vehicle. With all of these great features you'll be able to make frequent trips without worry.

Excellent Build

The 2019 Promaster has an excellent build capable of creating the perfect on the go office. Fitting a myriad of tools or electrical equipment is no issue whatsoever and will allow you to complete work outside. The Promaster is built with a configurable design that allows easy access from the back and sidesof the vehicle. Your business will flourish with the 2019 Promaster as its companion.

We at Medina Auto Mall, located in Medina, are very excited to show off the 2019 Promaster. This awesome vehicle is the perfect companion to help you and your business grow. With amazing cargo space and impressive safety, you'll be sure to worry less, and focus on the things that actually matter. We welcome you to come in for attest drive of this awesome vehicle and to ask our excellent sales staff the benefits of owning the 2019 Promaster.

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